Ali Ahmad Qadri

It was probably in 1925 that I was transferred from Kernal to Work in Kaithal. Hardly ten days had passed that a friend of mine expressed his intention to visit Hazrat Syed Ali Ahmad and that you too accompany me. I asked him who that spiritualist was? He said he was a renowned great spiritual guide, a descendent of Hazrat Shah Sikandar Qadri and his Sajjada Nisheen. After Isha prayer we both visited Hazrat Syed Ali Ahmad who attended us with care and affection. Some more devotees of Hazrat Sb. were sitting there. They were busy in the discourse of the great auliya Allah and Sufis. We kept on listening to their talking silently. Around two hours passed in the same state. But in this short period we felt extreme inner satisfaction and spiritual bliss. Inwardly I was feeling that I must visit their peaceful and spiritual parley daily because it is sign of blessedness one could ever get and with this intention I returned. Now it had become my routine practice to visit Hazrat Shah Sb. daily after Isha prayer and stayed in his presence for two to three hours. His attention had captivated me to such an extent that the very moment(time for Isha prayer), I was inwardly attracted towards his assembly. But sadly this condition could not last long as I was transferred to Kernal after six or seven months. Still my heart always felt spiritual impact of Hazrat Shah sb. glance. Whenever anyone travelled from Kernal to Kaithal, I would send my salutation to Hazrat Syed Ali Ahmad Shah through him and when any one came from Kaithal to Kernal and met me I would enquire about Hazrat Shah Sb. from him.

At last my earnest desire was divinely fulfilled, that is I was transferred back to Kaithal. My heart experienced strange type of contentment when I arrived there. I felt as if entire spiritual wealth had been gifted to me. Now it was my routine practice to visit Hazrat Shah in day time in addition to night attendance. During the some period, event for the celebration of giyarhawin Sharif (birth day of Ghaus-e-Azam Hazrat Shaikh Syed Abdull Qadir Jilani) fell. Hazrat Shah used to celebrate this event with great fervor and enthusiasm. Thousands of devotees used to participate in it. In this programme morning time was fixed for reciting the Holy Quran and Night for Naat-Khawani (eulogies of the Holy Prophet) and speeches on the life and teachings of Ghaus-e-Azam. Here in Pakistan this event is being celebrated too under the auspices of Shah Sahib on extensive level (this essay was written in the life time of Hazrat Syed Ali Ahmad Shah).

Enough is to say that Hazrat Syed Ali Ahmad Shah was an in-born Wali and a radiant mystic of high spiritual evaluation and knower of divine realities of truth. Although this is a spiritual realm, still all of his austerities, excellent conduct and behavior, flawless public dealing and pious life, allude to his saintly status. Thousands of people are still present who have observed entire life of Hazrat Shah and noted spiritual rays of beneficence showering like rain. They openly admit that his spiritual glance and attraction worked like lightening and goes directly into the hearts. There was no one in Kaithal, Muslim or non-Muslim who would not have visited Hazrat Shah for any purpose. Thousands used to visit him day and night to seek his blessings and prayers and bowed before his spiritual sublimity. Beyond doubt there was something charismatic in his personality which was attracting the Muslim and non-Muslim equally toward him and caused the people to address him an enlightened mystic of high rank.

Everyone knows that the tombs of the great Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadri and Hazrat Shah Sikandar Qadri is located in Kaithal and their family continue to spread Islamic influence from there. The famous spiritual heirs (Sajjada Nisheens) of this family have been continually serving the cause and generation after the other. Now at present Hazrat Mian Ali Ahmad Shah Qadri Kaithali, the Chief of Auliya is serving as Sajjada Nisheen. At the time of migration, he left Kaithal (India) and came to Pakistan. He stayed for a sometime in Kot Qabula, then came to Multan and finally settled in D.G. Khan. Now spiritual influence of this Sufi order is being spread from this centre. Whoever visit the Dargah is saturated and gets what he desires. The devotees of this Sufi order and divine lovers are encouraged to visit this centre for training and spiritual elevation.

Hazrat Shah Ali Ahmad was born in 1898 in Kaithal. Three years after his father died. The younger brother of his grandfather named Mian Ghulam Rasul Shah enquired of Hazrat Shahs father who would be the next (Sajjada Nisheen) after his demise. He said Ali Ahmad Shah. He then sent for Ali Ahmad and made him lie down on his chest. He then entered his tongue into his mouth to suck and said My hand is that of Ali Ahmad Shah The fate that Ram Mahajan met is well known in the City. His house was adjacent to Shah house. Mahajan started rebuilding his house making windows on the side of Shah lodge. On the advice of his mother Hazrat Shah forbade Mahajan to build windows on their side. Mahajan said,This is our house, tell your mother to shut her eyes if she fears unveiling. Hazrat Shah said Neither you own this house nor I, it belongs to Almighty God. He then said You own eyes will be shut Next day when he got up, he had lost his eye-sight and despite consulting number of renowned eye-specialists of Calcutta and Bombay, could never regain health and remained blind throughout his life. Hazrat Shah was only six years old at that time. Mahajan used to say Bad days came, my fortune overturned. Everything was ruined. Dishonor replaced honor and poverty replaced richness.

In short, spiritual exaltation and beneficence of Hazrat Ali Ahmad Shah was well known across Kaithal and elsewhere. Everyone whether Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Sikh was his lovers and devotees. I have seen thousand used to visit him day and night to seek his blessings and prayer. It was indeed the result of his spiritual exaltation and charismatic behavior. In 19th century A.D., it was custom with the Hindu elite to start education of their children under the case of Kamali family in order to seek their blessings. Saith Weer Bham, Pandat Amar Nath Tewari Advocate, Saith Malhari and Arjan, Dulip Singh, Lala Ganput Rai Khatri, Hamda Advocate, Ashwar Chand Latka and Juggal Kashoor Lawyer, etc. hold great love and devotion for Shah Sb. Even before partition these notable Hindus expressed sympathy with the Muslim community during Hindu-Muslim riots.

(Extracted from Darbar-e-Qadri written by Mahmood Ali Mail Kernali)